Erwin Perera

tech support & service freak.

Who am I?

About Erwin


I love tech and video games, I'm into Sci-fi movies and TV, and I like to go hiking.

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale

I live and work in South Florida. I grew up here and can only go a couple of days without a pastelito.


I build coherent and concise learning materials in text and multimedia. Plain-text, PDF, PowerPoint, wiki, video, and audio.


It makes the dream work. I am just as comfortable working alone as I am collaborating in a team.
Bring it on.

Public Speaking

A lot of folks are terrified of presenting and conducting live training. Guess who's pretty good at it? This guy.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

I learn new systems and processes in record-time. I'm a fast-learner and I retain information.

My Passion

What Drives Me

I am a Tech Support and Service FREAK. I strive to not only provide the best SaaS support experience possible, but to improve upon systems and processes. I am insanely passionate about making things run smoothly and efficiently and about keeping people happy.

My expertise is in supporting and training on SaaS systems.

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